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Laid in the USA

The circus has left town, and my house is untented. I’ve started to move some boxes over, six at a time. In my last trip, I took over my Target area rug. This rug came with me from Virginia, where it previously lived in my living room; it will now reside on the floor in my spare bedroom/office.


I was going to write a little entry here detailing how it had traveled around the world and back, ending up in my San Jose bedroom, figuring that since it was from a “big box” retailer, it must have originated in the third world somewhere. Ah, but bolstering my opinion that Target is better than Wal-Mart, I took a look at the label: it was made in the USA. So, I’m afraid that this rug hasn’t done nearly as much traveling as I’d expected.
So, this entry is less interesting than I’d hoped, but at least it casts a better light on Target, eh?

(Oh, sorry if that title was more enticing than the entry. I’m afraid that I still haven’t… well, had any romantic entanglements in California yet.)

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