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Everyone but the real target

Yesterday, when I heard about the shooting in Miami of a plane passenger who “claimed to have a bomb”, I immediately said to myself, “he didn’t have a bomb.”
Of course, this is how it turned out.
Does it seem to you that the security craze is almost completely pointless? Every time you hear about a security threat, it turns out not to have been. And if a terrorist had a bomb on a plane, do you think that he would announce it? Of course not! He’d just blow it up.
I can’t help wondering, with my conspiracy-prone brain, if this is exactly what al Qaeda had in mind: bankrupting us and creating an ultra-paranoid society devoid of personal freedom. Osama bin Laden (remember him? Hey, have we caught him yet? Well done, Bush.) is probably sitting back getting dialysis somewhere, chuckling. He doesn’t have to send any more terrorist missions to US soil again. He just has to watch as we dismantle our very own society and freedoms for fear of another attack. We’re terrified, no doubt about it. As our president likes to say, “mission accomplished.”

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