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Oh, the places you’ll see

Here’s how I wasted my night yesterday, playing with Google Earth.

  • Equator.kmz: I made my way around the globe at the equator, and this is the only thing I could see that was a monument of any kind — at least, visible to a satellite.
  • HollywoodStudioTour.kmz: I created this tour of all the major (and some minor) movie studios around Los Angeles, with historical notes from the excellent Seeing Stars website. It’s oddly fascinating to take a bird’s eye look at the spot where a famous movie was filmed.
  • WarnerRanchTour.kmz: In a little more detail than the tour above, this one takes you into the Warner Ranch, the location of exterior sets for such famous landmarks as the Bewitched and Partridge Family houses. Far from being a “ranch,” it’s actually in the midst of a residential neighborhood in Burbank.
  • BobHopeHouse.kmz: For no good reason, it’s Bob Hope’s house in Burbank.
  • WarnerBrothersBacklot.kmz: While you’re poking around Burbank, look a little closer at the Warner Brothers backlot.
  • EagleRock.kmz: I once hiked up to this spot on a date. I must have been breathing too heavily, because it was our last date, too.
  • LynfieldLane.kmz: My grandparents’ old house in San Jose, just 8 miles from my new house.
  • GenesOldHouse.kmz: My last house, in Arlington, Virginia.
  • GenesOldApartment.kmz: And for no good reason, the apartment I lived in before that house. Maybe tonight I’ll make a complete tour of all the places I’ve ever lived in!

Someone stop me.

Update: Yes, I did it. Here is a tour of every place I’ve lived (except my current house, of course. Don’t want people stalking me, you know!)

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