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Wine is for rich people

I’m telling you, my flirtation with learning about wines and buying good ones — rather than the cheap stuff from Safeway — is going to cost me.
First I got six bottles from the J Lohr winery; then I picked up a few more bottles of the Coppola that I like… and then I picked up a small wine cooler to keep it all in.
You know how it is when you go to Costco, you never get out of there for less than, say, $2000. Today I picked up the wine refrigerator, two bottles of wine, three pot roasts, some ink for my printer, and… oh, yes. Three bottles of Dom Perignon.
Well, I’ve never had it before and I’ve never really felt like I should spend so much on a bottle of something you’ll drink; but hey, it was relatively cheap, and I have a 40th birthday coming up in 6 months. (Two of the bottles are for Jann, so don’t yell that throw my money around willy nilly. He’s paying for them.)
Anyway, Costco is astonishing in that you can buy very few items and still rack up a balance on that credit card. It’s always a surprise when you get the total and by then you would feel guilty or conspicuous by saying “Oh, put that $100 champagne back, it’s too expensive.”
It’s not cheap living like a rich man.

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