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Maybe they can apply it to the national debt

I wonder how much of a bump in revenues the Postal Service gets when they raise the cost of stamps? I’d think that it is not just a matter of the 2¢ bump, because for the first few months, people pay much more than required. For example: my friend Jann has been sending out regular mail with two 37¢ stamps, because he never got any 2¢ stamps. Thus, instead of 39¢, he’s paying 74¢ to send a letter.
At first, I gave him some ribbing about it, but this week I ran out of 2¢ stamps myself — and rather than trudge down to the post office to get more, I decided to just use up the 37¢ stamps I had left. So, I’m sending out letters at 35¢ over the regular price.
The Postal Service is making out like a bandit here. I wish they had some system where they’d send you a rebate if you send a letter with too much postage. Or, maybe they’d expedite it, you know?

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