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Happy New Site

In just about 15 minutes, I’ll throw the switch — metaphorically speaking, for there is no actual switch — on the new website I’ve been alluding to recently. It’s for my friend Sara (and will appear at http://www.sarahickman.com at midnight), and I’ve been working on it for months. But March 31 is the big day, the day when her new album hits the radio, and the day that the new site appears to reinforce the branding of the upcoming double-CD.
This is the beginning of some big stuff, I can feel it in my bones. Well, actually, it’s the end of a lot of long production processes from songwriting to mixing; but it’s the beginning of a new phase in her career and I am incredibly optimistic and excited about it all and so happy for her. And it’s so exciting, too, to be a small part of it all and watching as things happen.
Anyway, I’m sitting here waiting for the clock to tick over to midnight, Eastern time, so I can do the old switcheroo. Tick, tick, tick… where’s Dick Clark when I need him?

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