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Bad Friday

Dammit. I thought that by moving 2,800 miles away from the White House, I’d be far enough away from the man, but no — George W. Bush is coming to San Jose next Friday.

“The president will participate in a panel to discuss his American Competitiveness Initiative to encourage American innovation and strengthen our nation’s ability to compete in the global economy,” White House press officer Alex Conant told the Mercury News. Conant, however, declined to say where in San Jose the event would be held or if it would be open to the public.

… The White House also may be keeping specific details under wraps for security reasons or to help prevent large demonstrations in the Bay Area, where the president is unpopular.

As much as I’d like to protest this visit, I think I’ll be staying in the house and away from all of it. I’ve had decades of dealing with stalled traffic due to one motorcade or another, I don’t want to see how the inexperienced San Jose drivers are going to deal with it.
As for protests and unpopularity, well, the man is at a record level of unpopularity but during his entire administration he’s been able to ignore such things the same way he ignores any other facts. He’s got to be the most out-of-touch president this country has ever had, don’t you think?

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