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That strange feeling of freedom

My scooter arrived this evening, and it is a blast — it’s funny how it imparts a feeling of freedom that you don’t get from walking, biking, or driving.
By the time I got a chance to ride it, it was already dark, and combined with chatting with neighbors I didn’t have a lot of time to ride around — but a few times around the neighborhood was so much fun, with the cool evening wind in my face and odd sensation of a nearly silent electric drive.
It is now resting in its new home in my garage, charging up for a few hours. On tomorrow’s agenda? Gotta go get a helmet, then I plan a bit more joyriding around the neighborhood — technically I’ll be bending the law, since I have to mail in a form to get plates for it, and then take tests and whatnot to add the appropriate endorsement on my license — but hey, it’s just a little scooter. I hardly think I’ll be run into the station house for taking it out for a little spin the day after I got it.
If you are with the San Jose Police, please ignore everything I just wrote.

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