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Eh, my vote wouldn’t count anyway

I am going to admit it: I’ve now become one of those whining non-voters.
The polls are open for another hour here in California, where we’re voting, in primary mode, for a governor; here in San Jose, the race is for mayor and city council seats as well as a (gulp) tax hike in a county where we’re already taxed to death.
Still, I am feeling so disconnected from Bay Area politics, an alien in a strange land. I worked all day, desperate to get just one of the many, seemingly endless, freelance projects done — please, just get it done so I can finally get paid, I’m going to start charging clients 50% up front because one job can stretch on and on and on, and meanwhile I have to eat everyday… but I digress — so I didn’t get up and rush to the polls.
This is the first time ever that I didn’t vote. I figure that gives me a pass on at least one election day, seeing as how it’s mostly a primary. Still, I feel kind of… nauseous about it. It comes from having worked with social studies teachers for the last dozen years, I suppose.
I’m evidently not alone — the powers that be expect a record low turnout for today’s exercise in democracy, they expect to break the previous low record set in 1946. As much as I detest the election tactics of the right wing, I have to admit that they really know what outrageous crap will get those nutcases out to the polls.

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