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Ghost Town of Childhood

Yesterday the weather warmed back up to the 60s, so I took a little spin and found myself at Edenvale park. Or, as I remembered it from my childhood, Frontier Village.
What used to be the parking lot of this 1960s era theme park is now condominiums. The former main entrance, which I remember so vividly for their towering fort structures, is now a stretch of gravel beside a small street, with an uninviting fence.

Frontier Village (which you can read about here) was a tiny theme park just a mile or so from my grandparents’ house in San Jose. This, to a little kid, was what the West was all about. A fort, a main street, train, the whole shebang.

You could go fishing in the park, the trout pond had a cool waterfall.

Here’s what that pond and waterfall looked like yesterday.

Makes me wish I still had my Frontier Village Sheriff’s badge.

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