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From the files of Police Squad

San Jose is a den of sleepy, hungry criminals.

A would-be burglar was busted by Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputies Tuesday after he allegedly broke into a San Jose house, helped himself to dinner, had a drink from the bar and fell asleep on the floor.

Deputies found the man, Esteban Avila Jr., 45, on the living room floor of a Valley Ridge Lane home asleep and wrapped in a blanket at 2:50 p.m. as they responded to reports of a burglary.

Avila broke the glass of a sliding-glass door to get into the home that is for sale. The owner had moved out the week before, according to Palanov.

After entering the home, Avila helped himself to a can of beans and to some alcohol from the bar in the house, Palanov said. Deputies believe that Avila then curled up for a nap. [Mercury News]

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