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The more things stay the same

Mitt Romney, another cookie-cutter conservative who is running for president on a platform of anti-choice; denying civil rights to gay people — not just against same-sex marriage, but also against domestic partnership and non-discrimination laws; strict enforcement of obscenity laws; “No Child Left Behind”; abstinence programs; drilling in ANWR; voluntary self-regulation of polluters, and continuing the war in Iraq…
Oh, and his sons are doing their bit for their country by traveling across the country trying to get their dad elected president. What patriots!
Anyway, here’s what Mitt had to say today after winning the Iowa Straw Poll:

“Today, the people of this great state sent a message to America, and that is that change begins in Iowa,” Romney told an exultant crowd of about 200 supporters after the results were announced.

The only change we’ll see with Mitt (or any other Republican) is the color of the carpet in the Oval Office.

[Update, August 14: Nothing changes, indeed… it turns out that Mitt Romney is by far the richest candidate, in fact his net worth of up to $290 million makes him richer than all the other candidates combined. Yup. Rich white conservatives. Just what this country continues to need.]

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