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Whatever, just make sure we get cheap shoes

We’ve grown so complacent of late with China, the source of all our cheap Wal-Mart crap and our pet food; we are so willing to look the other way when it means we can save a few bucks on DVD players and sell a few more firewalls that will be used to isolate their population from news about what their government really does.
In the lead up to the Olympics, one would think that China would back off a bit. But with something like 80 people killed in protests in Lhasa is a perfect showcase for world, isn’t it?
And IOC president Jacques Rogge says that people shouldn’t boycott the Olympics ‘cos it will only hurt the athletes. And, of course, the multi-billion dollar take from merchandising, sponsorships, media coverage, and the like. Wouldn’t want to put human rights before human profits.
What is perhaps most galling is the response from world governments, which has been “mild” at best. Our own government, through Condoleezza Rice, is “concerned” and called for China to “exercise restraint.” Like China is a parent punishing a child a little too harshly.

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