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Quake Time of the Month

A powerful 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked northern Japan early Saturday, swaying buildings and forcing authorities to close highways and stop high-speed trains. News reports said some people were cut by broken glass.
Authorities said two nuclear power plants in the area were not damaged and continued to operate normally, national broadcaster NHK reported. There was no danger of tsunami.
The 8:43 a.m. quake was centered in the northern prefecture of Iwate about 280 miles north of Tokyo.
The meteorological agency issued a warning of a second quake, and a 5.6-magnitude aftershock hit the same area, but it was unclear whether the warning preceded the aftershock. Japan is experimenting with an earthquake warning system.

The 13th… the middle of the month… I’m telling you, my theory is proving correct, isn’t it?

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