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A perfect storm for Obama?

Maybe God wants Obama to win. Why else would She schedule a fiscal melt down just a month before what is arguably the most important election in our lifetime? Why else would the melt down happen at the end of a fiscal quarter, landing our retirement account statements in our mail box just a day or so after a debate focusing on the financial situation? (Mine lost $6,000 this quarter, $11K so far this year.)
The reminders of the failed Republican revolution and its aftermath are mounting every day, and it can only get worse over the next month leading up to the election. And the McCain strategy? Paint Obama as a terrorist who wants to raise taxes.
If the McCain campaign can’t manage to come up with something more topical and unique than that, how do we think they could possibly bring “change”?
Obama, at this point, doesn’t even need to have a plan for change. He just needs to be different.

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