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The classic BUT of the bigot

Darryl Scott, a 46-year-old father from Patterson, voted for Obama and yes on Proposition 8. Scott said he has no hatred for gays but was raised to believe marriage is between a man and woman.

“People should do what they want to do, but it shouldn’t be forced on others,” said Scott, who is black. [SF Gate]

Was someone planning on forcing Darryl Scott to marry someone he didn’t want to?

A good comment by an SF Gate reader:

Funny how these same people would feel if gays singled them out for some reason — selective sterilization, for instance. But, of course, gays don’t do things like that and in fact have always supported the rights of black and latinos and all who are oppressed, because they know something about it. Is part of this, by any chance the same thing that happened when the Chinese in California came in and suddenly the Irish were anti-Chinese because it mean they were no longer the low man on the totem pole? (Yes, that happened, it’s in the history books.) All ugly, ideas, yes, but while these groups are satisfying themselves by oppressing another group, it takes away their right to bitch about their own oppression ever after.

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