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A bigot by any other name

Here’s a letter to the editor in today’s Mercury News:

Gay marriage still an oxymoron
California voters have spoken again. They will not be stampeded by the petulant children of the gay community, regardless of their tantrums. Gay marriage is an oxymoron. There is no right of the gay community to define the word “marriage” in any way they wish. It is time that those in the gay community stop their silly protesting and select a term for their type of union that will not be confused with that we all know to have in its traditional meaning.
William H. Kremer
San Jose

Okay. So, as I understand it, Mr. Kremer thinks that an entire class of people should be discriminated against, that a right should be denied to them because of what it is called? Now who is being petulant, Mr. Kremer? And confused? What, are you worried that someone might go into a wedding and come out with someone other than they expected to marry?
If straight people call it marriage, and gay people call it larriage — but otherwise it is exactly the same thing and is recognized by the government as exactly the same thing — are you seriously telling me that you’d accept it wholeheartedly?
I thought not. So stop making yourself out to be something other than a bigot.

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