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Ain’t got nothin’ to say

There are many, many reasons why I haven’t been prolifically posting here on my blog of late. Let’s take a look at the top excuses.

  • The Bush Era

    I’ve spent so long railing against the Bush administration, from before he took office to the point where the rest of the country finally caught up with me and booted his whole gaggle out of power. Now, I’m exhausted and just can’t do it anymore; thankfully the rest of the blogosphere is covering all that quite well, thank you.

  • Work

    After three years working for myself, I now get up at 0 dark thirty and drive to work. Sitting in a tiny chicken coop cubicle all day doesn’t seem to be conducive to blogging. My days are chock full of surprises and insanity which I am sorely tempted to document and blog about for the horror, rue, and amusement of you all — but I made a decision way back when I started this blog that I wouldn’t write about certain things, my job being one of them. (Trust me, I’ve been stalked at my office before, which would be a funny story if it weren’t so very, very creepy.)

  • California

    Well, as of May I’ll have been here 4 years. What more is there to say about it?

  • Mortgages

    Hey, I’m a guy who took on more mortgage than he could afford (what choice did I have in California?) but has managed to make every payment, on time, and throw in a little extra. This means, of course, that I won’t get any kind of bail out or assistance when I finally start missing payments, so you can probably expect some whining about that farther down the road.

  • Dating

    Another subject I never write about — before I left DC there was someone I was, frankly, serious about and I started to tread into this territory by writing about a mysterious initialed man, it was frankly very unsatisfying and I just don’t want to expose myself that much. And in the last 4 years… well, nothing at all worth writing about anyway. Life here is pretty lonely but I have a dog.

  • Facebook and Twitter

    Perhaps this is the crux of the problem. Facebook and Twitter have made it easier to jot down observations, anecdotes and commentary, instantly and with little fuss. I don’t have to sign in to the blog, write a clever title, type and type and type, categorize, submit, blah blah blah. Just 140 characters and I can distill the moment down and shoot it out to the world. They’re also much more, well, social. Here on the blog, there is a core of regular readers and commenters but the process is a little more distant. Facebook and Twitter are more fluid and I can fool people into thinking I’m funny when I only have 140 characters to work with.

  • Time

    I just never seem to have the time these days. It’s not that I’m jetsetting and living a type-A life… it’s just that I get up early, spend all day at work, get home and work on my part time job, work on some freelance stuff, and then collapse in bed by 9:30. Like many people, I find myself working hard to support a lifestyle that I don’t have time to take advantage of — and I’m not living in a 4,000sf mansion, I’m living in a 830sf bungalow. Wow, things are out of whack, aren’t they?

Anyway. See? I just don’t have anything to say.

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