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The hilarious result of mega-bank mergers

So, let me get this straight: the taxpayers have shoveled billions and billions and hundreds of billions of dollars into the vaults of the big banks with the idea that they would then lend it to us.
In other words, we’ve given them our money and then beg them to lend it back to us AND WE’LL PAY THEM TO LEND IT BACK TO US.
And still they won’t lend it.
When you can’t pay someone to take your money and then lend it back TO BE PAID BACK TO THEM AGAIN, something is completely, irretrievably wrong with the banking system. We’ve been bled dry by huge financial corporations, we’ve slowly bled out with the thousand cuts of fees, fees, fees for everything from ATMs to daring to speak to a bank teller. Credit card companies have sucked us dry by raising interest rates to usury levels. Mortgage companies disregard income when making loans, investment companies slice and dice the debt and sell it again a dozen times. The damage wrought by deregulating and letting the rich run amok is too severe. Close ’em down. Shut ’em down. Give us our money back, forgive our bad mortgages, close down the credit card companies and usurious loan sharks and start again at zero.

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