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Read this again on December 22, 2009

Jon Gruber enjoys pointing out the ridiculous rants of pundits who are invariably wrong, saving their screeds and bringing them back up a year or so later for laughs. Imitation is a sincere form of flattery, so I’m going to save this silliness for later: a comment by yet another anti-Apple nerd who, like many of his kind, doesn’t understand what makes Apple products successful and thus can’t wrap his mind around the idea that they might have staying power. This one comes from a cnet web page discussing potential future iPhone models.

Projections from the pros, not the fanboys, is because all of the major phone companies will have Android phones next year, some of them more than one, that by end of Q4 2009 there will be more Android phones sold than all of the iPhones combined.

Remember that iPhone, as a phone, isn’t even a blimp on the phone world. Nokia sells more phones every day than all of the iPhones sold in the first year. The only place the iPhone is popular is with the smart phone crowd. Apple’s draconian and almost fascist handling of the App Store will be it’s death.

I encourage you to read some of the other comments by this guy, but wait a year or so so you can really laugh out loud.

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