Just As I Thought

Alone and scared on the exit ramp

Every morning I make that fateful decision – whether or not to take route 101 to work. It’s possibly the most stressful road around, and yet I still take it sometimes to make up lost time in the morning.
This morning, just as I exited near my office, cars were swerving — around something laying in the road. As I passed, I realized it was a small dog. Laying in the exit ramp, little floppy ears, dead.
It felt like someone punched me in the chest. What if that were Diego laying there? The very fact that it was there means that its family doesn’t know where it is. And they will be in for a wrenching shock.
This was not a good sight to start off my week; I just felt like I needed to write it down to try to get it out of my head where it would otherwise fester for days.
Sorry to unload this onto you.

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