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I Used to Blog

Seriously – prolifically, at times. You know what killed my blog?

Seriously – prolifically, at times. You know what killed my blog?

  1. Twitter.
    I no longer have to write, I just have to send out a pithy 140 characters, pushed to the world effortlessly.
  2. Facebook.
    Click! I’ve shared a news article with friends, with no need to paraphrase or summarize it.
  3. Other blogs.
    After a certain period of time, a large part of the world began to see what I was seeing and the blogosphere took off. These days, I don’t feel the need to point out the hypocrisy and insanity all around us, since so many other bloggers do it so well and so diligently.

So, as I so often say. So. Add to this the fact that I have pretty much nothing in my personal life worth blogging about (in long form, at least), and there you have it.

I mean, I can’t imagine that any of my loyal readers from the earlier part of this century are still reading this — although, I imagine that one or two of you still have it plugged into an RSS reader somewhere and are looking shocked at the moment at the big red “1” that appeared next to the blog listing.


Should I blog more? Why? Are personal blogs out of fashion? Are we just tumblng and tweeting and facebooking our way to obscurity in short chunks?

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