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Hicks: Prince William and Duchess Kate to be parents


The snarky tone of this article, for some reason, infuriates me.
“According to Todaynews.com, the duchess was admitted Monday to King Edward VII Hospital in Central London with hyperemesis gravidarum (or severe morning sickness), according to a release from the palace. As the pregnancy is in its “very early stages,” Kate will stay in hospital for several days, the palace said.

She must have a pretty good heath care plan.”

Yeah. Um, very few countries have the kind of money-grubbing, for-profit, every-man-for-himself health system that we do. Even if she wasn’t a royal, she’d have a pretty good health plan: the NHS, a “single-payer, government-run” health system. So good, that is was a central part of the Olympic opening ceremony. Damned socialists.

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