I love Molly Ivins

And here’s a good example why.

Goodbye, 2002

Just a few bits of unfinished business from 2002.

Just my luck

One thing that I haven’t explained yet in this blog is my renowned bad luck. I often have the most ridiculously bad-timed luck – and today it struck again.

How to market fat

There is an interesting oped in the Washington Post this morning called “Portion Distortion,” explaining how fast food companies have over the years manipulated and marketed portions to incredible sizes, creating a generation of enormous people who claim that they didn’t know the food was fattening.

It’s why plumbers are rich

I have been staring at my new refrigerator for a full day now, chomping at the bit to put it through it’s paces.

Remember the episode with…

The BBC sci-fi/fantasy/comedy/drama/cult show “Doctor Who” aired from 1963 through 1987 (with a revival in 1996) and had over 100 stories, encompassing over 500 episodes. So, how do you find a particular episode? Try the BBC’s new “It’s the one with” episode guide! Choose a monster or plot point from the drop down menu, and they’ll tell you what episode you’re looking for. For instance: Looking for the episode with the freaky clowns? The story you remember is “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy!”
Also, courtesy BBC News, “Doctor Who” has been voted the greatest sci-fi character of all time by readers of SFX magazine – not bad for a TV show that’s been off the air for 5 years! Also in the top 10 were characters from “Buffy” and “Star Wars”… but, surprisingly, not “Star Trek!”

300 million sour grapes

Remember a month back when I wrote about the dream of winning the lottery? The one that I never play?
I was so mad that some guy in West Virginia won the $300 million PowerBall lottery yesterday; especially because I didn’t play it – I would have had to go into downtown to buy a ticket. I’m also slightly annoyed by the guy who won it – he was already a millionaire!! Now, he worked hard for everything that he has, which is admirable, and I don’t begrudge him a thing. But c’mon, it was Christmas. Where was the poetic justice? A millionaire wins a lot more. Whoopie. This is even worse than the woman who got $100 at Target (see December 24, below).
I am not a millionaire. I am not even a thousandaire. I am, however, in debt to the tune of $150,000 (oh, my god, that is the first time I added it all up – I’m officially terrified now… although the bulk of that is my house.), and I think I deserve the $300 million dollar jackpot. Or $100 from a stranger at Target. I do. I really, really do.

That plastic is smokin’

Dang it, who keeps sending me those high limit credit cards? Well, Sears today reaped the benefits of my lack of willpower.

It’s time to play Plinko

Being home during the day is an interesting experience. Today on Jerry Springer: the usual trashy suspects, with a stepbrother and stepsister who are having an affair, and their trashy parents who insist that they were not raised that way, and that they are not one of those trashy families that usually show up on Jerry Springer. A surrealist fantasy.
And here’s a question for you – when I was growing up (as if I was finished growing up…), The Price Is Right was the domain of blue haired ladies and extremely fat Samoan women. Today, all the contestants lined up in contestant’s row are frat boys and marines, competing to win a dinette set and multivitamins. When did this strange audience transition happen?

Human interest

I just saw a “human interest” story on the news about an anonymous guy dressed as Santa who paid for a woman’s purchases at the checkout at Target to the tune of about $100.
OK, a nice enough gesture, but the woman in question was a well-heeled and well-dressed blond soccer mom from the burbs, who in the interview sat in a well-decorated living room next to a lovely tree, and later was shown in a spacious kitchen with a center counter and a side-by-side refrigerator.
I’m annoyed not only by the fact that this Santa gave $100 to someone at Target who so obviously did not need it (and at the upscale Target?!), but that the incident merited a feel-good story on the news when there are so many people who really do need help. But we don’t want to make viewers uncomfortable.
Take some time now to do something for someone who needs it. Don’t expect to get on TV for it, but expect to feel like you have accomplished something to make this world a little bit better, and know that someone you helped is thanking you without knowing who you are.
Visit America’s Second Harvest to find a food bank near you, and donate or volunteer to help.

Compassion… how unusual

That ridiculous marketing phrase is back – “compassionate conservative.” It’s now being attached to new Senate majority leader Frist – described as “a conservative with a compassionate edge.” Attaching the adjective “compassionate” to themselves seems to be the conservatives’ strategy to win over middle of the road Americans. The thing is, if they weren’t evil, mean, and ruthless people, why would they have to add the “compassionate” part?
Think about it this way: you never hear about a compassionate liberal. People make that assumption without having the adjective in place. They never automatically connect “conservative” with “compassionate.” Conservatives expend a lot of energy trying to make people think of them as kind and generous people. That should tell you something very important.