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Please note: This entry has now received more comments than any other entry on this site! The vast majority of the comments are of the “me too” variety, so I’ve decided to close the door now. Please do not leave any further comments.
I believe that it is the consensus of the victims that the “Phillip” scam is just that: a scam to separate you from your money.
Please feel free to contact your local consumer affairs office about “Longwood Industries” and their activities. Nothing more can be gained by complaining about it here on my website.
Thanks for your comments.

Ah, those telemarketers: you’ve got to hand it to them, they’re certainly clever.
Earlier this week, I got one of those dreaded “Unknown Number” calls on my cell phone. Naturally, I didn’t accept the call, and sent it to voice mail.
Later, when I checked the message, I expected to hear the silence of the predictive dialer. Instead, I got a long message from a company that calls themselves Longwood. “Phillip” said that they had gotten my number out of the Washington Post classifieds where I was selling my car. I expected to hear a pitch asking me to donate my car, since charities are exempt from the do-not-call list.
Nope! Longwood offered to place my car ad on the internet for a mere $85 if I’d call them at 1-800-430-1965.
It turns out that “Longwood” is sharing that toll free number with a few other companies. They might be shilling for the others as their business hardly seems to be in cars — they do promotional merchandise. Their phone number is 1-888-734-6931.

  • The Big Lot (a domain with no identifying company, by the way)
  • Autohopper.com (again, domain incognito)
  • Independentsystems.com
  • Adventis, Inc.

Now it’s your turn. Call Longwood and tell them that by calling my non-listed, do-not-call number, they’re setting themselves up for a big old fine as well as constant harassment from me and my army of flying, telephone-dialing monkeys.

Dial, my pretties! Dial!


  • Gene, I just listed my truck in the Topeka Ks paper and Phillip called me the first day the ad ran- 2/13/04.I am also on the state and federal no call list- I wonder if the newspapers are selling our names to him when we place our ads? He can’t be reading every paper in America? Thanks, Nathan

  • Thanks for the warning….I received the call from Phillip today, the first day my truck ran in the newspaper. I am in Central Pa, so someone, somewhere is selling out info. I too am on the do-not-call list. Keep up the great work. Ken

  • I too received a call from this company. I did not put my mobile phone on the do not call, yet!! I didnt think of doing it until I am now receiving calls from telemarketers like this con. Right after this post, you know where I am going.
    When you post in major papers they are linked to http://www.cars.com. All you have to do is browse a few classifieds on the internet and cut and paste the phone number to an automated dialing program. In his message to me he never mentions what paper he got my number from. I know it was from the LA Times and they are linked to cars.com.
    Another interesting thing was that he called me a few times, when I answered nothing would be said by his machine. So his dialer machine is set up to only leave messages. What a waste of my airtime!! I guess you have to let it go to your voicemail.
    I will bet you these sites are free to post your ad. We have a local paper in LA called the recycler which is linked to, and again I hate to say it, cars.com. Gheez I’ll sound like im plugging this site. Online its free to post. So in essence he is charging 80-something dollars to post a free ad. What a bargain!! Or maybe he pays to run the ad for a few weeks for like $12. Still a rip-off and does not give him a right to call your phone to solicit. You put an ad to sell something and here he is trying to sell you.
    Im glad for this site and this posting feature. This is real grass roots type activism.
    Good job!

  • Just got a message from “Phillip from Longwood Industries” today. I thought I’d check the internet to see whether anyone else knew about this company, and found this site. I am near Madison, Wisconsin. He saw my ad in the newspaper, and his deal $89 for an internet ad guaranteed to sell at the price I was asking. He gave the callback number as (800) 430-1965. He also said that he only contacts people with vehicles of better quality that he knows will sell well.

    When I searched Google for that phone number, the first two sites it finds are thebiglot.com and autohopper.com; both go to the same IP address, and both appear to have the same vehicles come up in their database. They appear to be otherwise “legitimate” sites (you will actually get an ad for your money), but I don’t think I’m going to be using their services.

    For comparison, TraderOnline.com (AutoTrader, CycleTrader, etc.) is MUCH better known and costs considerably less.

    By the way, I’m also on both the federal no-call list and my state’s no-call list.

  • My ad ran in Rancho Cucamonga, CA last week. The first day I had a message from Phillip and saved it. I decided to check the phone number in GOOGLE before calling Phillip back and I’m now glad I did. Thanks for this website so others won’t fall for the scam. Too many people looking out for “easy money” and they are willing to cheat others for it.

  • i also have been contacted by “philip”…and have not responded…the comments all seem to be warnings of a scam and i’m as wary as anyone..thats why i’m here…yet..i’m wondering if anyone has actually used the service and gotten a sale of their car?…i have used trader on line in the past…and others means of selling a car…with good results and bad…is “philip”
    muchg different?

  • Useful website, saved me from this scam. I filed an online complaint with the National Do Not Call Registry. Lets see if the government does it thing and stops this scam.

  • Same deal from “Philip” for a Denver car ad. What has been the feed back for those that do call Philip?

  • Received same call from “Philip” everyone else is talking about! He says he’s tried to call several times and so will now just leave a message. Funny my caller id doesn’t show his number recently! Sounds like a recorded message.
    I just changed my phone number and don’t think I am on the do not call registries yet. I am in NJ.

  • Weird – I just got a call from this Philip guy too, and thought I’d do the same thing everyone here has obviously done – check the interweb. Looking at all the posts, though, it looks like I’m the only one from Canada (Vancouver) – I guess he’s branching out like a true entrepreneur. Wish we had a National Do Not Call registry in Canada….

  • Im from Vancouver, BC and I got the same phone call today. Im glad i looked it up on google!

  • ditto in Maine.

    Worst of all, the guy proudly announces that his is a 401(c)(3) organization — a non-profit trust like churches, etc. If it is non-profit why would it be called “industries” and why is it non-profit? If it isn’t, it’s false advertising.

    Either way, let’s hammer the IRS and our respective congressmen and senators!!!!! My company pays taxes — he should too.

  • I placed an add in a small local paper in Tenn. last week. Sunday while at church I recieved the same “come on” phone call everyone else has, must be still at his “scam” thanks for helping keep us posted to such schemes.

  • Phillip struck again. The only place I had my ad was in the local Autotrader (Cleveland, OH). Is autotrader selling the names? Anyone else get a call after advertising in Autotrader only?

  • He’s struck in VA! I happened to stop by my house at lunch and got his message from my answering machine. Thought I’d do some checking and found this site. We advertised our car in our local paper and received a few calls shortly after where no one would answer – could this be our dear Phillip??? Our car also came out in our local Auto Trader on Friday, 4/9. Both of these ads indicate our phone number will be answered in the evenings only. So obviously, this is a auto-dialer which will only respond to answering machines.

    We too are listed on the no-call list. Thanks for the information!

  • Same thing here. I listed in the Honolulu advertiser. Same pitch, better quality car, guaranteed price, $89… they are also linked to cars.com. Scam?

  • Not that I’m adding anything yet unsaid, but to second Gary from late March…

    I too am in Madison WI, and placed my ad only in the two local papers: Wisconsin State Journal and Capital Times. Nothing online, no anything-trader, etc.

    Today was its first day running, and same thing: Phillip, Longwood Industries, 501(c)(3), 800-430-1965, and the low-low price of $89.99 for what’s money-back guaranteed to sell it. And I’m with most everyone here on both do-not-call lists, and for long enough now to have seen the rest (MCI, et al) fade into obscurity!

    He also specified that he was contacting me with this offer because of the “make and model” of my car. That’s ’88 Honda Accord LXi if it contributes anything to the discussion.

    Glad I looked around, and that this was here for me to find! Off to sign our proverbial petitions…

    Oh yeah, and http://www.longwoodinc.com has an “online auto advertising” icon at top-right of its home page now, if that’s changed since this string began.

  • San Jose, CA

    Posted ad with Truck Trader magazine and good ole Phillup called.

    This meesage said hes called a couple times and couldnt get ahold of me, LIAR hes only called ONCE.. hehehe,

    *also on Do not call lists*

  • Well, I live in the Puget Sound area of Washington State in rural North Kitsap County. And I got a call from Phillip today! Tried calling back, but no answer at the 800 number. He sure gets around!

  • I posted an ad in the Autotrader in Sacramento, CA. Got a call from Phil the day the ad ran. I wonder if Phil is one guy or a a bunch of guys with the same name. LOL

  • I got a call from “Phil” just as stated above and he
    told me the same exact thing. He said if the car doesn’t sell he will refund all but $10 of the $89.99 fee. Is this a scam?? Has anybody tried it?
    I spoke with a guy named Tim

  • Philip has struck in Palm Springs CA. I advertised in the Desert Sun and bingo, msg from Phil! I called his 800-430-1965 and was told, by tape, that he is only in the office in the morning, try calling back. I knew it had to be a scam as 1. he had no surname, 2. he said he had talked to me earlier (NOT!), and 3. he said his Lockwood Industries was a “charity.” So I searched the # in Goggle and here I am! I also am on the don’t-call lists, for all the good it does. Phil should get a job.

  • My Oh My Phillip is a busy boy, He also called me “Due to the make and model of my car” I am in Maine. Glad I checked the internet first.


  • Guys, I got his call too, also claiming he tried a few times, but this could be true as my cell phone was off.

    I am not sure though why everybody is so indignated – we published our phone numbers in the newspapers, right?

    The interesting thing is how can he claim that the vehicle is better then average and sells well – I thought this is because he saw mine on the web (I included the url with the newspaper ad in a local newspaper in California, BTW). Does every one here have their website URLs included in the ads?

    And finally, is there anyone who managed to get in touch with Phil (I was put on hold for a few minutes, in the meantime found this website and hung up grin. Maybe he does what he promises – helps to cell the car and returns oney if he fails to?

    Or maybe the scum is that the car would be sold anyway, and even though not because of his ad he gets to keep the money?

    good luck to us all selling those cars,

  • Same thing. Phillip called on Monday.
    I called back today, after 2 days and spoke to to James. After that I checked these two web sites: BigLot and AutoHopper, decided to use their service and called James again.
    Got to his voice-mail, so I checked the web again and here. After having read all these post, I’m not sure — is it a scam? Did anybody tried them and did not get a refund?
    I would not mind paying $90 if it helps sell, but I already posted at cars.com and autotrader, so there’s no point in adding another party, unless I get my money back if the car is not sold thru them

  • Phillip really is a busy guy… Yesterday my ad ran in the San Antonio Express News and at 9 AM I got a call from Phillip and I sent it to voicemail. I googled the info and found the aforementioned sites and it seems to me that autotrader.com is a lot better way to go. However, you gotta hand it to Phillip for being persistent.

  • Philip hits up Knoxville, TN as well. I bet he has made some good money. I hope he does get nailed for calling do not call numbers.

  • I recieved calls every day from unknown number and only heard silence. Finally today voicemail picked up this call, and it was the same recording.

    My number is on the do not call list, and as such I have filed a complaint, and urge others to as well..


  • Wow. Is this Phillip guy CIA or what? I too got the same call as you all have mentioned.

    Funny part is, I’m a licensed auto dealer in Washington state. I placed one ad in the local newspaper with nothing but the description of the vehicle, along with my dealer number and business phone number.

    Does even the local newspapers sell your info? Do they automatically put the same ad on their internet page, that is, if they have one. Perhaps if the latter of the two circumstances is the case, maybe our little Phillip and Longwood industries have a massive search engine that sends them hits on new ads? My ad only ran for a couple of days before “the call” came in.

    I’m calling the newspaper in which I placed the ad to see if they can give me an idea on how this Phillip does what he does. smile

  • It appears that Longwood Industries is a “supposed” not-for-profit organization out of Bedford, VA. Here is their web-site which shows their charitable projects, along with their car selling services. http://www.longwoodinc.com/

    I am thinking that they can get by the Do Not Call List because of their not-for-profit status (I don’t think that churches and other charitable organizations are limited by the list).

    My best guess at recourse is to report them to the FCC and the IRS. At the very least maybe they’ll get audited for their extracurricular activities.

  • I received a call from “Phillip” today, the first day my vehicle’s ad ran on a local newspaper in Maryland. Thanks for the input from everyone. The website link posted for Longwood Industries does not seem to be the same Longwood Industries Phillip claims to be from, because this seems to be a legitimate business. I think this is definitely a scam artist using the name of a legitimate business. I wrote to their director to inform them. Hopefully someone will put a stop to this.

  • 05/17/05 Phillip called, when I returned the called I was told he was in a meeting right now…HAHAHAHA
    I also had placed and add in the local paper, I buy & sell alot of stuff via the internet and the classified add’s. This animal is a lil fishy

  • Posted previously about getting a call from Phillip.

    Has anyone received a second call saying along the lines of, “I called you a week ago and left you a message. Haven’t heard back. You should consider it, get back to me, blah-blah-blah.” Anyone?

    Persistant little bugger to say the least. Annoying maybe a better word to use???

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing this letter regarding recent unscrupulous telemarketing and possible tax evasion practices by Longwood Industries, Inc. 1617 Longwood Avenue Bedford, VA 24523 in partnership with Independent Systems, LLC 103 Campbell Avenue Roanoke, VA (also doing business as Adventis, Inc.; autohopper.com; The Big Lot! And thebiglot.com).

    Independent Systems has a long track record of ignoring and failing to correct practices in direct violation of state and federal Do Not Call lists, using the non-profit status of their partner (Longwood Industries, Inc.) to subvert these laws.

    Independent Systems solicits automobile sellers listed in newspaper and online ads to market their $89.99 ad package on behalf of Longwood Industries, Inc. (a not-for-profit corporation). When the ad package is supposedly sold for Longwood Industries, Inc., the ads are placed on none other than the web-sites owned and operated by Independent Systems, LLC, those being autohopper.com and thebiglot.com.

    The relationship between these companies draws into question who is really selling the ads and for whom. Thus placing doubt on the non-profit status and the non-profit exclusion from the National Do Not Call List of Longwood Industries as it is really operating as an arm for marketing by Independent Systems.

    Unlawful business practices are no new occurrence for Independent Systems (aka Adventis, Inc.) with government action taken by the Oregon Department of Justice on October 14, 2002 for violation of Oregon�s Unlawful Trade Practices Act, including violations regarding the No Call List. In addition, the firm settled with the Tennessee Regulatory Authority on May 10, 2002 for violations regarding the Tennessee Do Not Call Telephone Solicitations Law.

    Further, the Roanoke, VA Better Business Bureau has also recorded several complaints regarding the business practices of Longwood Industries, Inc. and Independent Systems, LLC, citing that after repeated complaints the companies have �failed to correct the underlying reason for the complaints.� These complaints and violations to the Federal Do Not Call list can also be found on web-sites such as �Just as I Thought� at http://www.genecowan.com/blog/mt-comments.cgi?entry_id=1162 where a myriad of complaints have been issued since February 24, 2004 from automobile sellers spanning the United States and some from Canada.

    I appreciate any assistance your agency can give regarding these matters, and hope that a speedy resolution can be sought to bring Longwood Industries and Independent Systems in compliance of state and federal laws.


    Your Name
    Daytime Phone Number
    Telephone number involved with the complaint

    (Above info needed for FCC Complaints)

  • Yeah, I got a call from Phillip, too, out in Massachusetts. Same deal as the rest of you.

    Longwood Industries does file as a 501c3 non-profit organization, though. Here’s a snapshot of the most recent IRS filing on record (2002):

    Revenue: $994,313

    Expenses: $1,196,743

    Assets: $1,517,866

    Liabilities: $216,655

    Eh, for what it’s worth.

    Also, non-profit organizations *are* exempt from Do Not Call lists, FYI.

  • We also listed a pickup in Truck Trader in Tenn. and got a call from the infamous “Phillip.” I got a call last night and no one said anything…one of those computerized things I guess. I am going to complain, as we are on the no-call list as well.

    Thanks to whoever went to the trouble to construct this site.

  • Phillip struck in Maryland. We advertised our car in only our local small newspaper. He left a message saying he had tried several times, our missed calls log does not show him calling. He introduced himself as being with Longwood INDUSTRIES. If you go to Longwood Industries.com you’ll find that they are no where related to this type of business. We were also offered the $89 internet ad.

    Obviously, I passed. Glad to find I made a good choice.

  • I recently placed an ad to sell my vehicle with my local newspaper a few days ago. I received a telephone call from Philip of Longwood Industries promising that they would get the asking price I’ve advertised. He stated that it would cost $89.00 but said in some instances when a vehicle doesn’t sell that refunds are issued. I decided to check them out on the internet and I’m so glad that I did! Due to the current economy with so many people out of work, there are those who need to sell their vehicles because they can’t afford the upkeep or make the necessary repairs. In this economy, we’ve been ripped off enough and don’t need to be ripped off again! Thanks so much for checking this out!

  • I also got a call from Phillip a few weeks back. I checked out their sites, as well as this one. I thought it was a scam at first too, but after reading who the real company is I felt much better.

    With so many companys trying to rip people off I too was leary, but I think they just have a lot of people to research their leads for them.

    I appears longwood industries is a nonprofit that employes disabled, mentally retarded people. Thebiglot is connected with them somehow, but i ended up placing an ad.

    We’ll see how it goes but everyone was very friendly, my ad looks good and they seem to be a top notch company. I called the Trader and got some snot nossed teenager. Anyway, just thought I would post my feedback as well.

    I’ll keep you all posted!

    John, Charleston, SC

  • Phillip struck in tiny Pittston, PA the same day the ad ran for my SUV. Sadly, his calls were the only ones I received on it and I was ready to take him up on his “guarantee” but am glad I looked here first. Thanks to everyone!!

  • Hi., Southern California here. Ran an ad in the autotrader and recieved a call from phillip the next day. same line about the make and model and he will guarantee the sell. It is a classic corvette, but I still didn’t believe him. Also I noticed that his caller ID is blocked so your cell phones may not pick up his previous calls. He had called me a couple times but I didn’t answer it and he left no message. Since then he has now left 2 messages. Got a new cell phone a couple of months ago and forgot to register it on the do not call list, not that it matters in this case anyway.
    I will be pursuing this further and confirming that this is legitimate or that he atleast gets checked out.

    good luck selling your cars….


  • Sure wish that we hadn’t solely focused our comments on the ‘do not call list’ issue. Certainly selling our IDs by these organizations is a crime.

    However, wish that any one of us had some idea if the sites that he is selling is any more successful that the autotrader and cars.com sites that we are so much more familiar with.

    Any one out there that will admit to having used this ‘Philip’s’ services?

  • Phillip is reading the Duluth News Tribune as I was contacted with the same voicemail in Superior, Wisconsin. Thanks for the useful information as I am sick of the telemarketing industry in general and their backdoor tactics to get around do not call laws.

  • The news continues to get worse with Longwood Industries. I had 2 unauthorized charges made to an account online with Longwood as the recipient. The phone # shown on the charge turned out to be private residence and the lady at that number,which is in the same town as Longwood, said she has received numerous calls from around the country about unauthorized charges. She suggested that I report it to the Sheriff’s office in Bedford VA as she has done. When I spoke with the Sherrif’s office, the dispatcher said I should call my local police or sheriff and report the situation and the dispatcher seemed shocked that Longwood Industries would be involved in such a thing. I next called Longwood Industries and spoke with a woman who referred me to another number that handled “the auto trader” stuff. I called that number, was transferred twice and was then forwarded to the voice mail of “Mary” in customer service. I did not leave a voice mail. I have received notice from my bank of a credit from Longwood Industries, Inc., BUT the credits were for $10.00 less than what was charged so somebody stills owes me $20.00.

    I will have to dispute the $20.00 bucks with my bank. I have filed a complaint with the FTC and would strongly urge all of you that are having problems with this company to also file a complaint. Also, you may want to call the Bedford Virginia Chamber of Commerce@540-586-9401 to lodge a complaint. Ask them for the number of the sheriff’s office and call them and lastly, call Sylvia Burnette who is the contact person listed on the Chamber’s site(http://www.bedfordareachamber.com/members/listings/l0243.html ) as the contact person for Longwood Industries Inc. The number listed for Longwood is 540-586-1430. Something is realllllllly fishy with this operation

  • He hasn’t left WV out of his “loop”. I thought about returning his call, but looked on the internet first. Thanks for everyone’s messages, I’m going to continue to sell my car on my own. I need my $89.

  • I too have been getting calls from “Phillip”. I live in Kansas City, MO. I placed and ad only in Auto Trader, so I’m sure that’s where he got my number from. As in other posts here, his calls do not show up in my caller id. Unfortunately for me, I listed both my home and cell numbers in the ad, and have been getting calls on both.
    I’m now getting these mysterious calls on my cell phone that appear as “Unknown” and do not show in the call history. Whenever I answer these unknown calls, there is nobody on the line (no recording either). I’m sure these unknown calls are coming from “Phillip”. In my opinion, a legitimate business does not need to hide their identity or phone number.

  • Philip, if that is his REAL name, called about a truck I placed in the Chattanooga paper. The message sounded completely canned and never mentioned the specifics of the vehicle (nor did he mention my name). The rest of the message was pretty much a carbon copy of the other posts.

    Phil’s offer sounded too good to be true, and from reading this board, I’m inclined to think that it is. Unfortunately, it’s the only call I’ve gotten! 🙁

  • I answered several times when nobody replied. Then my answering machine got the same message from Phillip as everybody else got. Even before I found this web site I decided I would not send money or give CC number in order to receive a refund if it didn’t sell. My feeling was he might help with a sale but the refund would not exist.

  • I too became a victim of Phillip only days after posting with RV Trader. I received several calls days before he actually left his message. And like everyone else, there was no-one on the other end and the caller ID said “unknown.” I am in a very small town in Florida. I will file complaints as you all have done. This Phillip really gets around. I am on the Do Not Call list also. I think I’ll call CNN, CBS, Fox, etc… to see if they want to do a news story on this guy. He’s one clever Fox. No pun intended.

  • yup this guy phillip got me in danbury,ct ” oh we can sell you motorcyle for only 89$ with a refund guaranteed if it doesnt sell” im not callin him cause i need that 89 bucks thats why i am selling my bike in the first place

  • I too recieved a call today from “Philip” and he said that he tried to call a few times. As mentioned above, my caller ID doesn’t reflect any such calls. I am glad that I was wary enough to check this out on the internet. I will (if I am not already) on the do not call list. This is ridiculous!

  • Yes, Jen…I got called by Phillip as well. There were no other calls on my caller ID prior to the one “he” left a message. I’m glad I’ve searched for this Longwood Industries…this is the first site I opened and was nothing but slams!!

  • I too received the call from Phillip today, the first day that my vehicle’s ad ran in a local paper. The make and model of the quick to sell vehicle — 1972 Jeep asking $600!

  • Message on the answering machine sounded suspicious particularly when he mentioned my “make and model” – – – I noticed he wanted to sell me a “PLAN” for $89. I think I’m going to call the 800-430-1965 number just to run up their bill and take up their time anyway. What sleeze bags. I’m also going to call Tom Martino’s radio talk show that deals with SCAMMERS like this and report them.

  • Hey guys, I just listed my Tahoe in a local newspaper and The Recycler in Central California. I, too, received a voicemail from our buddy Phillip and decided to Google the phone number for more info. What a con. Thanks for posting, everyone, and good luck with your sales.

  • I’m in Portland, OR. Dr. Phill called me last week on the first day I put the ad on AutoTrader.
    I’m on do-not-call list, but I still keep getting calls from telemarketer. What I usually do, I called them back in the middle of the night and left a message in their answering machines with my ‘fake name’ and ‘other telemarketers phone #’ as my callback number. Of course I have a caller ID block activated first before dialing.
    Yup, let them call each other, haha. Sometimes, I even give them a local sex hotline number.

    By the way, here is information about domain name longwoodinc.com (or LINGWOOD ?).

    Lingwood Industries, Inc.
    1617 Longwood Ave
    Bedford, Virginia 24523

    Domain name: LONGWOODINC.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    Coleman, Chris .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    P.O. Box 1025
    Bedford, VA 2452
    (540) 586-1430
    Technical Contact:
    Coleman, Chris .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    P.O. Box 1025
    Bedford, VA 2452
    (540) 586-1430

    Registration Service Provider:
    Domainmonger.com, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    +1.425-821-4874 (fax)

    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
    Record last updated on 06-Jan-2005.
    Record expires on 15-Aug-2006.
    Record created on 16-Aug-1998.

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Domain status: REGISTRAR-LOCK

  • Yes, of course I got the exact same call. First time ignored. Second call decided to look up informaiton.

    It is truly a sad day when businesses use and abuse non-profit status to conduct business. It is a huge telemarketing scheme! What ticks me off more is that just placing an ad or ordering a magazine opens you back up to all the junk mail and junk calls again. It should be ILLEGAL and punishable to severe fines per call. Shoot if I park my car with a for sale sign on it at a public lot, I pay a $65 ticket. They should pay $65 per call and donate that money to real organizations trying to help humanity.

    BTW . . . anyone looking for a Nissan Frontier Crew Cab? LOL. I’m starting to think no one buys used cars anymore, they’ prefer high prices at dealers.

    Best of luck to everyone with their transactions!

  • I’m on DO NOT CALL REGISTERS, AS WELL. One day after my ad ran in local Belleville paper, got a call from Kevin on my answering machine. I called and got Kelli at the same phone number 1-800-430-1965 extension 121.. They are eager to sell you vehicle, even sent me a brochure. Glad I checked, as they seem too good to be true!
    Smells as bad as rotten fish.

  • A new year 1/30/2007 and the same scam/pitch except it’s now Ron. As someone else mentioned, my first thought is why would I pay someone $99 to sell my vehicle when it’s already listed with Auto Trade magazine and on the internet for half the price? Those Longwood Industries folks must get a bunch of gullible folks as they are still running this scam….

  • We put a car in the the local auto trader and the same day received a call from Alan @ longwood industries, he left a message, however it was not a auto dialer. anyways I called back, because it seemed to good to be true and ….you guessed it …. it is !! You would basicly be paying a 100 bucks to list your car on their website. good luck getting a refund.

  • I got “Allen’s” call on my home phone a few weeks back. I paid for Longwood Autos service and after some remorse I read this site. Imagine how surprised I was when I got my whole hundred bucks back within a week. I didn’t give them time to sell my truck but I did get a couple leads from them.

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