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Squashed Hamster Origins

“We love the subs!” wails what looks like a gerbil on the Quiznos TV commercials. Except gerbils are cute. This guy makes roadkill look cute.

The computer-animated creatures were created by London-based Web artist Joel Veitch, who’s also done spots for VH1 and British TV. Quiznos bought the rights to use the characters.

What, exactly, ARE these things?

“I’m not really sure to be honest, but they certainly do like subs.”

Veitch would not say exactly what images he used to construct the Quiznos creatures – he calls them Spongmonkeys.

Are some people horrified by your creations?

“Yes, I suppose some people are.”

Still, many viewers just don’t associate the unappetizing creatures with food. They look like something no restaurant would want scurrying across the floor, much less touting the menu. (“They got a pepper bar!” the rodent singer warbles in one memorable line.)

Other people find them hilarious.

“I just think they’re funny,” says Jonathan Baker, 14, of Belmont, N.C. “They’re so different.”

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  • Yesterday morning at the top of the Bethesda metro escalators was someone in a giant Quiznos soda costume, handing out coupons or something. And I thought that was creepy.

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