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Our new, moral society

I am at a loss to explain the sudden moral outrage that has swept the country when it comes to sex. What in the hell is this collective burr up our ass? Oh, sorry — I’m probably in line for an FCC fine now.
Note, as always, that smut of any kind is an outrage and so very dangerous to society… yet no one is talking about banning violence. Hell, just the commercials for video games these days are rife with bullet cases cascading down the screen; a commercial I saw this week depicts a smarmy guy hitting on a girl, and a mild-mannered guy fantasizes about beating the crap out of him. Yeah, these are the morals we should instill in our children. Not that smut about “the human body was created by God and there is no reason to be ashamed to see it.”
Anyway, here’s the next story in the continuing American Meme on porn:

The Playmate of the Month is no longer welcome in Texas prisons.

State officials recently approved a ban on sexually explicit images in Texas prisons. That means no more Penthouses, Playgirls or nude photos of sweethearts.

The new rule will promote “a more positive and safer environment for both staff and offenders,” said Gary L. Johnson, executive director of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Now, I am the kind of guy who believes that inmates should not be allowed to have 100 cable channels plus HBO — they’re there as punishment, after all — but this is clearly just a way to score political points with the anti-sex crowd. A more positive environment? A safer environment? How is it safer? I’d rather have my cellmate taking care of his business by looking at a nudie magazine than looking at me.
Prisoners are, by definition, a captive audience for these fundamentalist social tinkerers. The guinea pigs of the religious right. The whipping boys of the self-righteous. OOh, that sounds kinky!

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