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Some monstrously ill-informed (or just plain insane) person posted this comment defending President Bush on a blog entry somewhere about Fahrenheit 9/11:

Ok, lets bring some facts about what he’s been doing…

-Economy has gone up since four years ago.
-He’s slowly fixing the deficit which Clinton gave us the deficit.
-We’re getting some more jobs.
-We’ve actually found some WMDs.

Of course, the media won’t show this, and instead give him bad coverage.

Okay, well: “the economy has gone up since four years ago.” Wow — quick action there, Mr. Bush.
“Fixing the deficit which Clinton gave us the deficit.” Leaving aside the grammatical weirdness, this one just makes no sense. Clinton did not leave a deficit, he left the largest surplus in history. We now face the largest deficit in history, which all belongs to Mr. Bush. and he squandered that surplus in his first year.
“We’re getting some more jobs.” Wow, that’s a fantastic endorsement: “some” jobs. Of course, anyone who’s worked with integers knows that “some” jobs + “many many many many many” lost = “many many many lost.”
“We’ve actually found some WMDs.” Yeah, a few old canisters of stuff that we sold them back in the 1980s. Where are the nook-you-lur weapons we were led to believe Iraq had?

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  • Wait…so Clinton is responsible for the deficit? Why, I must have been dreaming when Bush lowered taxes and then spent money “like a drunken sailor”!

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