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What is the result of repression, whether political or religious? Revolution.
This is why so there are so many cases of “religious” persons taking out their sexual frustrations on others. So, what happens when you combine Catholic repression with Republican repression?

Deal W. Hudson, publisher of the conservative Catholic magazine Crisis and a close ally of the Bush White House, has resigned as an adviser to the Bush-Cheney reelection campaign because of allegations that he sexually harassed a Fordham University student a decade ago.

Hudson, 54, had been a key player in the Republican Party’s effort to attract Roman Catholic voters. Because of his connections to the White House and his friendship with senior presidential adviser Karl Rove, he was widely regarded as a Catholic power broker in Washington.

Hudson announced Wednesday in the online edition of National Review magazine that he was leaving his unpaid position in the Bush campaign because “a liberal Catholic newspaper” was about to publish an investigation detailing “allegations from over a decade ago involving a female student at the college where I then taught.”

“No one regrets my past mistakes more than I do,” Hudson wrote. But the incident is “now being dug up, I believe, for political reasons,” he said.

When it’s something a Republican has done, it’s brought out for political reasons. When it’s something a Democrat has done, it’s necessary to tell the world because of “values.”

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