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An amusement from Democratic Underground:

Here’s another story that slipped through the net last week. It seems that our favorite ex-Secretary of State/election thief Katherine Harris is now an expert on national security. Or is she? Harris said recently that she “regrets” claiming there was a plot to blow up a power grid in Indiana after it was revealed she was making it up. At a rally for George W. Bush, Harris told the audience that the mayor of Carmel, Indiana, had informed her that “a man of Middle Eastern heritage had been arrested and hundreds of pounds of explosives were found in his home,” according to the Associated Press. “He had plans to blow up the area’s entire power grid,” said Harris. Um, wrong. City officials, after seeing the story in the newspaper, said, “We’re not aware of any plans to blow up Carmel’s power grid.” Oh, and, “The mayor never talked to Katherine Harris. They never had that conversation.” So where did Harris get the idea that terrorists were planning to attack Carmel, Indiana? Probably from the same place she got the idea that Bush won Florida fair and square – out of her butt.

How did I miss this story?
Here’s a little more from CBS News:

Questioned Wednesday, Harris’ office issued a statement in which the congresswoman said, “I regret that I had no knowledge of the sensitive nature of this situation.”

But Harris stood by her comments to the newspaper that the United States has thwarted potential attacks in the last three years, which she said was based on classified information.

“Actually, it’s been more than 100,” she told the newspaper. “It’s classified … obviously not classified to me … but things I can’t go into details about.” She said only the specifics of the thwarted attacks were classified.

She said Wednesday in a statement that her comments underscore the need “for each of us to remain alert and vigilant in fighting terrorism.”

Harris serves on the House Financial Services Committee and the International Relations Committee, which often gets briefed on terrorism. She does not serve on the House Intelligence Committee.

Disclosure of classified information is forbidden by law and by the rules of Congress, which require members to take an oath. However, prosecutions or sanctions of members for revealing secret information are rare.

So, besides outright lies, Harris is also bandying about potentially classified information — except it’s not classified to her.
It’s interesting how secretive the Republicans are these days, except when something is supposed to be secret.

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