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It gives “on demand” a whole new meaning

Perusing Comcast On Demand today, I was intrigued to come across, buried in the menus, a “Dating On Demand” channel. Of course, like most of Comcast’s On Demand offerings, it’s pretty much useless.
First off, it assumes that you’re straight.
Second, the age categories are: 18-20, 21-29, and 30 and above. It’s a pretty drastic logrithmic scale they’ve got there, isn’t it? I guess they figure that 30 year olds have more in common with 60 year olds than with 29 year olds.
I really wish I could post a movie of some of these ads, but I’m sure it would be some kind of copyright violation — or, at least, a violation of good taste. Here’s one of the more amusing ones, but you’d have to see his ad to believe it. And hear it. This guy really needs to have that deviated septum fixed. Frankly, my first thought was that this was a parody.
And these ads are not targeted to any specific area — that guy is in Philly, but I watched his ad in San Jose.

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  • Sorry Gene, I hate to be the one to break it to you, I guess you didn’t get the memo.

    Over 30?
    Too old for dating, Too old for sex. Stay out of the clubs and bars, there’s nothing there for you. Stay home, watch reruns of The Golden Girls and plan your retirement.

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