Oh, the things you’ll see

Posted on January 11, 2006 by Gene

If only I could have pulled the car over and taken a decent photo. First, I passed the Crazy Buffet — really. That’s its name. This bit of wackiness sits on Camino Real in Sunnyvale. Crazy! Someday I’ll have to go in there and see what’s so crazy about it. Maybe I should wear some kind of protective clothing.
Then, stopping at Safeway to get a sandwich for lunch, I came across what is perhaps the most blatant example of man’s need to tamper with nature for no reason other than yet another product for consumption. Ready for this?
Grape-flavored apples. I am not kidding. Okay, so, apples aren’t good enough as a natural fruit package… so someone had the brilliant idea of making them taste like another fruit entirely? As if this wasn’t insane enough already, get this: it’s artificial grape flavor. Cripes. Just buy some grapes.
Then when I made my way home, I passed a shop that had two signs in the window: one said OPEN… and the other said CLOSED.

Yesterday, Google finally released Google Earth for the Mac, and I was up until 1:30am playing with it. What a fantastic toy! I was zooming in and out, from my new house to my old one, and then spent some time zooming in to some of the spots I had found previously like Wisteria Lane down at Universal Studios and the like.
I might compile all the little places I’ve been visiting and post them soon, and we can all travel the world together.