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Double shot, please

I now know an important fact about my cordless phone: the battery lasts for about 3 hours of constant talk time.
Last night I talked for four hours with B — for that is how he shall be known henceforth — and when I finally went to sleep around 3am I was ready for more.

This strange swirl of emotions that is, well, swirling around me is confusing. I think it’s pretty obvious to my ardent readers that I am pretty cynical, sometimes unemotional, always pessimistic. So, how does one explain the fact that the last 3 days have seen me smiling, optimistic, and sometimes gleeful?

I’m curious about the dynamics of what seems to be an instant emotional attachment to someone that I barely know. It’s far outside my experience, a definite first. What barriers did I let down that allowed this to happen? How did meeting one person make such a drastic change in how I feel? I mean, it even has made me feel differently about myself — this morning I stood there after my shower thinking, “yea, I’m not too bad looking. I kind of have a nice smile. Where’s it been all this time?”

I’m not complaining about the change, of course. I’m enjoying it immensely. A big grin breaks out whenever my mobile beeps and I get a text message — I think we messaged about 50 times each yesterday. You know, like those wacky teens do these days. I smile incessantly at his funny, smart, sexy, and sweet emails. And I’m having a wonderful time mining the depths of puns and double entendres as the sexual tension heats up.

Gee, it’s like all those hormones that have been bottled up for the last decade have started to percolate. A veritable espresso of emotion.

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  • One point lost on most people is this simple fact.

    We pick our friends not based on who they are but rather who we are, when we’re around them. Our friends (and lovers) help us become better people.

    You often hear actors after working in a movie with a truly great actor, say working with them raised MY bar; I became a better actor just by their presence.

    This is what our good friends do. And many times they are not even aware they are doing it. It just happens.

    I’m glad you see it, and I’m glad you feel it.
    So many people never do. And it�s such a great revelation when it hits

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