The March Surprise

Posted on March 13, 2006 by Gene

So, this must just be a coincidence: President Bush and his hangers-on keep insisting that they don’t pay attention to polls. It helps to not pay attention when your poll numbers are in the toilet, of course.
Anyway, today new poll numbers came out showing that Bush’s approval rating is down to 36%. A whopping 60% of Americans disappove of the job their president has been doing.
So, coincidentally, he made a stunning speech today: he announced a timetable for “transition.” Not withdrawl, not yet, but a “transition.” He says that, by the end of the year, the American troops will turn over most of Iraq to Iraqi troops. You know, the crack troops that have been trained so well.
Cripes. Does anyone buy this transparent ploy? With elections in November, he’s claiming that he’ll be “transitioning” Iraq just after the vote? And does the White House think that malleable American minds will think that “transition” means the same thing as “withdrawl?”
Sad. Pathetic. The beginning of the end of Karl Rove’s political career?