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Time for a future president

Oh, boy. So, a small bit of truth suddenly spurted out of George Bush — he said flat out that this disastrous war in Iraq will continue as long as he is president, that withdrawal will be a decision for a “future” president. So, it seems to me that this is a call to action for the premature end to the Bush administration, don’t you think?
Meanwhile, isn’t this interesting: the bigger story seems to be that he has taken unscreened questions. This is so unusual that it is mentioned in every news story. What does that say about this president and his secretive, imperial presidency?


  • Wow, our President says Iraq is an issue for “future presidents”. How typical. He starts a war that no one wants, and doesn’t even have the cojones to clean up after himself. Add to that the shameless corruption of a government that’s held by Republicans in every branch. Also the trillions of dollars in debt that the Repubs are letting future generations pay back. What a party they’ve had.
    Don’t worry about it, let baby boomers and the future generations clean up your horrible mess. You won’t be around to care anyway. And this person is our President. Unbelievable. I’m so disgusted, really. I wish The People would open their eyes.
    But no, most people seem to have blinkers on. Did you know that Tom DeLay won the primary election down here, and that’s AFTER he’s been in trouble for all sorts of things? What are people thinking? Wow. Now I feel better.

  • The woman in front of the ebay sign looks just like the lady sitting in front of my desk.

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