Just As I Thought

The rain rain rain came down down down

Wow… I’m missing all the fun back home.
It was only a couple of months ago that I was complaining about the non-stop rain here in the Bay Area, but my house — unlike others in the neighborhood — was high and dry. It was little more than an annoyance for me.
But now, back home in DC, people are under assault from torrential, soaking rains that have flooded the area, rains that are just sitting over the region and bringing tens of inches of water.
On the phone today, my dad was describing a scene that sounded more like California — buildings closed because of high water, mudslides, roads washed out. Deja vu, indeed.

I’d avoid the 12th street tunnel if I were you.

Then again, this isn’t that unusual of an event. For instance, here’s my blog entry from January of last year.

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