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Last weekend I pouted a bit in the 90-something heat in Austin, pointing out that the weather is one of the big reasons to pick San Jose over Texas.
And here it is, a few days later and 92° in San Jose. You know what is better about the high heat in Austin? There — as in DC — you get thunderstorms from all that heat, which cool things off and incidentally provide a pretty entertaining hour or two. In San Jose, it’s just hot.
Some forecasters are predicting that we’ll hit triple digits by the end of the week.
Happily, my house came with working central air conditioning.


  • And Daly City has been without fog since we arrived here on Sunday. I’ve got to enjoy it while it lasts!

  • Looking for the Gene Cowan, WW-II navigator, reporter for Foggia Occupator, with whom I shared a tent in the 463rd Bomb Group. Just want to say hello
    Stuart Hodes Gescheidt

  • Sorry… this Gene Cowan wasn’t born until 1966.
    But thanks for your service during a war that truly stood for something.

  • Dear Gene Cowan,
    I found my WW II Gene, whose last name is COWEN. We’re in touch after about 50 years. Thanks for your good thoughts.
    Stuart Hodes

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