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Square to circle

Ah, the end of an era — the passing of the torch — the big switch.
BBC One has changed their channel idents, phasing out the “dancing” IDs they’ve used for years in favor of a new look. I really loved the dance idents, the common use of red and the different arrangements of the music; the cultural aspects, British locations, and emphasis on the arts were a wonderful way to brand BBC One.
Here’s the last appearance of the BBC One dances:

And now, the new look of One:

I’ll reserve judgement for a bit. I like the new type treatment for the BBC One logotype; the music and cinematography are great… but I don’t get a sense of cohesiveness like I did with the dance IDs. I will say, however, that the “moon” ID is really charming. Problem here is that these IDs aren’t specifically British — the “moon” segment was filmed in Croatia; “surfers” was filmed in Mexico.

I wish we could get really gorgeous network idents in the US, here the only thing that stations do to create a brand is burn a logo into the corner of the screen.

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