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Saving money with Vonage

I’ve complained about telephone companies for years, both landline and mobile. Getting hit constantly with fees and rising prices, for such a simple technology that is so ubiquitous, is incredibly annoying.
Last year, I switched my home telephone service to Vonage, which provides voice over IP services.
And today, for the first time I can ever remember, my telephone company lowered the price. By $5 a month.
Stop for a moment and imagine if you will, would Verizon ever lower a price? Would Verizon ever include Caller ID for free with your service rather than charge you an extra $6? How much would Verizon charge for an 800 number?
I’m paying $30 per month for Vonage, for a package that cost me $60 on a regular phone carrier — call waiting, caller ID, forwarding. Plus, I have an 800 number.
Boy, I hope Congress doesn’t step in and decide they want a piece of the VOIP pie, ‘cos I don’t want to be paying $60 for telephone again.

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