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Just yesterday, I was talking with someone about earthquakes and how, after two years in the Bay Area, I hadn’t experienced more than a tiny sway.
And then this morning the voice on the radio told me that there had been one — that I missed. Judging from the USGS “Did You Feel It?” map, it wasn’t really felt here in San Jose. Oh, well.
More coincidentally, I was expecting — waiting — for an earthquake this week. Two reasons: first, because there was a big one in Japan and it was on my mind, but secondly and perhaps more important, because it is the middle of the month. You may remember a post I wrote last fall about this, my prediction that earthquakes cluster around the middle of the month, close to the 17th for some reason. The moon? Who knows. But it is worth noting that the 6.8 in Japan this week happened on the 16th…

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  • I felt it up here in SF. I had woken up just a bit earlier to, um, see a man about a horse. When I returned to bed, one of the cats was being needy, so I petted him for a minute. Then I got back under the covers and was about to drift off when I felt a sharp *thunk*, like somebody had bodyslammed themselves into the outside wall of our bedroom. In previous earthquakes, it’s been very similar… felt like somebody kicked my chair, crashed a car into the building, etc. So I recognized what it was, waited a few minutes, and sure enough my phone on the bedside table buzzed with an email from the USGS indicating a 4.2 in Oakland. And then I fell asleep. smile

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