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The Internet is a strange and fierce bitch master. I got an e-mail from an interior designer that I had listed on my “cuties” list, who informed me that when searching for his name on search engines, it was my little site that jumped to the top of the results! I’m not entirely sure how this works, but I can only assume that more people have been visiting my Cuties list than have been visiting his business site. That said, I can certainly understand how that kind of thing can cause confusion with potential customers, so I’ve reluctantly removed him from my cuties list. I wonder how long it will be before the search engines figure this out? I mean, I won’t even give his name (his initials are L.S.) in this post just in case the search robots are roaming around. Who knew? The peculiar universe of search engines like Google can create problems and phenomenon that we’re not even atuned to yet. Ah, well. I don’t think his girlfriend appreciated my interest in him, anyway…

[Update 4/23: I realized that my “cuties” site was really a waste of time to begin with – I only created it to see how the Movable Type software coped with multiple blogs on one site, and I needed a subject. So, I’ve just deleted the whole thing. I want to point out that I didn’t delete it because L.S. complained – he was completely gracious and friendly about his request – but because it really served no purpose (and sort of made me feel like a gossipy 13 year old girl). ]

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  • Heh… and he definitely /was/ cute. In another synchronicity, I had just seen him on a repeat episode of Designers’ Challenge (where he did a fabulous job designing an entryway with wonderful earthy jeweltone walls and a great recessed copper fountain)within a couple of days before viewing your cuties list and seeing him enshrined there.

    If you need to fill that spot with another TV designer-type, what about Changing Room’s Oliver Heath? Or goofy-cute Canadians Nik Manojlovich from Savoir Faire or Designer Guys’s Steven Sabados. Ooh, or better yet, /either/ of the Phils from House Invaders.

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