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Stock up and hunker down

Just came across this on the net:

I do not consider Obama my president and I never will. … For those who did not vote Obama, you may be receiving a newsletter via email in the future entitled “Guerilla living under Obama Nation”. It will touch on topics that will be of interest to us under this new regime: civil disobedience, tax evasion, forming interlinked support groups, message encryption using PGP, etc. For obvious (personal security)reasons this cannot be distributed via blogging.

Remember back in the 90s when right-wing militia groups had their moment in the sun? The survivalists who insisted that the government was tracking us and sending out the black helicopters and holding people without charge?
Isn’t it funny that once there was an administration actually doing all that, they vanished and were never heard from again? ‘Cos, of course, they’re hypocrites. When it’s a conservative administration taking away their freedoms, that fine. But a liberal one? That’s un-American!
Facile prediction: the militias are coming back.

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