Don’t trust them! They’re just like us!

Posted on January 30, 2009 by Gene

From Republican National Committee chair Mike Duncan:

“The Democrats mean to use this opportunity of unchallenged power to explode the size and scope of the federal government, to take control of entire sectors of our economy, to crush the conservative opposition through parliamentary procedure and redistricting,” he told RNC members, winning applause. “The goal is to indoctrinate a generation of American children to the gentle comforts of the nanny state … The only thing standing between their agenda and success is the Republican Party.”

In other words, he claims that the Democrats are going to do exactly what the Republicans did over the last dozen or so years: explode the size and spending of government (Bush’s deficits so big they defy understanding, wiretapping, homeland security dept.)… check! Crush the opposition through procedure and redistricting… check check! Indoctrinate children (um, ever heard of “No Child Left Behind”? Check!) to the nanny state (Bush’s bank bailout, FCC censorship “won’t someone think of the children? other than parents? Tax cuts for the rich and coddling corporations? How about the police state Bush left us?)… check check check!
I’m really astonished — although I shouldn’t be — at the increase in hypocrisy displayed by the GOP as their party falls into total disarray and cannibalism. It’s incredible how quickly their house collapsed; the current understanding seems to be that they have only five reliably conservative states in their column these days.