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Who’s the real coward?

I was always taught that bullies who called people names were cowards. There is no better example of this than the Republican name-callers. These are a bunch of rich white men who avoided military service — and at least one who was in the reserves but managed to only put in token appearances.
And over the years, who have they tried to destroy with their vitriol?
McCain. Cleland. Kerry. Clark. Murtha. All decorated soldiers.
So much for supporting the troops, eh?
Do you think that voters will begin to see a pattern here, finally?

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  • You have to love the Republicans when they say Democrats are trying to rewrite history.

    Maybe it is just what the Republicans tell us turns out to be wrong. Here are four examples:

    “Major combat operations in Iraq have ended.” President Bush, May 2, 2003, Mission Accomplished Speech.

    No WMD’s found, intelligence was wrong but former CIA director George Tenet get Medal Of Freedom.

    President Bush says WMD’s not the reason for going into Iraq only after none are found.

    On September 29, 2003, the White House spokesperson said, “No one was authorized to do this. That is simply not the way this White House operates and if someone leaked classified information it is a very serious matter.” On November 16, 2005, Bob Woodward says an unnamed Bush administration official gave him the identity of a CIA analyst almost a month before it was publicly revealed.

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