@21royalstreet How many signature pass holders ever use that feature?

RT @RealMattLucas: In traffic beside a TMZ tour bus. Called out to the tourists ‘Waste of money!’, which actually isn’t true because they got to see Matt Lucas

RT @ErikWemple: For quite a spell, Spicer riffs with Hannity on the failure of journalists to stick to the facts. This from Sean Spicer.

@chivalress @eldiablito_72 His only regret is that he has boneitis.

RT @JoyAnnReid: Handmaids: Women seeking abortions in Arkansas now need permission from men – even if the man in question raped them https://t.co/RpP8i9d3l1

RT @profcarroll: Putin will pocket $200,000,000,000 in assets if he can get the Magnitsky Act killed. That’s not a conspiracy theory… https://t.co/FcmgWeEsxG

RT @tcmassie: .@ChuckGrassley cancels Manafort & Trump, Jr. public testimony. IA must be so proud of their coward senator who puts politics above country.