RT @justinhendrix: You get a call from Homeland Security that a foreign government is trying to subvert elections & you say, “I don’t… https://t.co/zPky2kYM6M

RT @ParkerMolloy: GOP: no more “safe spaces” from inconvenient facts PEOPLE: people will die because of your healthcare bill GOP: omg how could you say that

RT @BenjySarlin: Okay a last one: There is no “keep your doctor, keep your plan” part of this bill. It would change insurance a lot,… https://t.co/fwCAhANsd6

RT @LOLGOP: Trump voters have no idea what’s about to hit them because they only get information from Trump news. A sneak attac… https://t.co/CMD4YxbX7e

RT @LOLGOP: You can take my health insurance from my cold, dead hand. GOP: Yes, we can. That’s on page 39 of the Senate Trumpcare bill.

RT @mattyglesias: 2016: Fuck your feelings, snowflakes! 2017: We’re triggered by tough talk about our health plan & demand a safe space from “Julius Caesar.”

RT @Alex__Katz: If you say, “right-wing terrorism has killed more people since 20xx if you don’t count Orlando,” that strikes people as nonsensical.