Cutting the Cord: Antennas let you tune in TV for free

This is hilarious – it’s presented as if over-the-air tv is a magical new technology of the 21st century!

Researchers in Scotland claim that an Apple map satellite image has revealed the Loch Ness monster – @TelegraphNews

The funniest thing about this is the “journalism” that leads us to believe that Apple has a fleet of mapping satellites all their own.


Hey, friends who watch “Vampire Diaries” — those were my bestest pals Sara Hickman and Lili Hickman Waldon singing “Mad World” at the beginning of this week’s episode. It was from the album “Motherlode,” which I am proud to say I helped Executively Produce. :) Where can I find more, you ask?

A dog’s breakfast of an argument

Horrible stories of the insane “War on Pot” and the murderous activities of the police — their pursuit of minor pot cases would be laughable if it weren’t for the horrors they inflict as part of their power trip. Warning: this article is very disturbing.