RT @JuddLegum: Updated list of GOP members supporting investigation into Russian interference w/prez election Sen Graham Sen McCain Sen Corker

RT @jmartNYT: Tillerson at State and Flynn as National Security Adviser would put two people w direct Putin connections at the highest levels of gov’t

RT @NateSilver538: Clinton lost 4 states (FL, MI, WI, PA) by ~1 point. If not for Comey/Russia, she probably wins them all by ~2 points & strategy looks great.

RT @AndreaChalupa: With all due respect to President Obama & his new foundation career:only those w/political power can stop Trump.He must act now while he can

RT @20committee: I’ve devoted my adult life to studying (and fighting) Russian intel ops. Their entire playbook was on display this year against my country.

RT @forditude1968: Carrier publicly stated they will use money that Trump/Pence took from Indiana tax payers 2 buy machines to replace workers. #TrumpScam

RT @PaulBlu: ExxonMobil has a $300b drilling deal with Russian firm Rosneft in the Arctic. Has been on hold due to sanctions. https://t.co/tiXGngZO1C