RT @RobertFaturechi: EMAILS: Tom Price’s office tried to get federal agency to remove damaging drug study, on behalf of pharma donor https://t.co/Au3NeTpxww

RT @IvanBrandon: White house lit in a rainbow on its last Obama night… 100% perfect. Love as defiance. You go, Mr. President. (Ple… https://t.co/hR9LC8uZI8

RT @TeaPainUSA: Black guy wins by 10 million. GOP calls him “Illegitimate.” White guy loses by 3 million. GOP calls it “Mandate,”

RT @caveboyjones: Are you out of your fucking minds @ABC2020? This is bullshit. Stop normalizing and celebrating this depraved man &… https://t.co/HFX7mBPpJP

RT @Freeyourmindkid: While deplorables are busy worrying about a kid who said Screw Our President , they’re raising their kids to be tin… https://t.co/9JRvW8oSTL

RT @cwarzel: I asked Thiel 5 times if he signed an ethics agreement with the Trump transition team. No response.

RT @lizgarrigan: A report from the office Slack: “People in MAGA hats are outside taking pictures of the treasury building and calling it the White House.”