Analysis | Democrats caved on the shutdown, and they’re admitting it – The Washington Post

RT @DerekCressman: Dumber than rocks regime tries to claw America back to the Stone Age (alternative headline)

RT @HorsleyScott: The Trump administration orders new tariffs of 20-50% on imported washing machines and an additional 30% tariff on imported solar cells.

RT @funder: Democrats won multiple battles: -We got CHIP funded -We reopened the Gov’t -We got a commitment from the GOP that we get a DACA vote in the next few weeks -If they are lying then the Gov’t shuts down again before DACA expires GOP caved, GOP lost big time It’s time #TrumpResign

RT @Acosta: Trump stayed away from the cameras during the brief shutdown by design as the WH did not want the government funding lapse to be about him, we are told.

RT @calvinstowell: Coal is never coming back. Clinton had a plan to transition the less than 50,000 remaining coal miners to new, safer work. Trump has no plan instead of handicapping competitors. It still won’t save coal. It isn’t the 1920’s anymore.

RT @TheRickyDavila: Let’s be clear, Megyn Kelly is being who she’s always been, a disrespectful Fox Propagandist. NBC hiring her casts a true stain.

RT @LPDonovan: Best plot twist in the solar tariff saga is that one of the two domestic petitioners suing for relief from cheap Chinese panels is owned by… you guessed it, a Chinese conglomerate.

RT @xeni: Tide Pods got more attention on the news this week than huge womens marches in which untold numbers of newly minted activists registered others to vote