A Simple Pie Chart Shows Why Climate Change Denial Is Just Hot Air


“So let this be clear: There is no scientific controversy over this. Climate change denial is purely, 100 percent made-up political and corporate-sponsored crap. When the loudest voices are fossil-fuel funded think tanks, when they don’t publish in journals but instead write error-laden op-eds in partisan venues, when they have to manipulate the data to support their point, then what they’re doing isn’t science.”

Justice Scalia’s 7 Worst Anti-Gay Statements


The Prop 8 proponents think that the judge in their case was biased because he was gay and in a long term relationship, and appealed.
Um, don’t you think that Justice Scalia is also biased?

Banned by the Bible


Boy, some of the Bible-thumpers out there are really gonna be in trouble.

NOM Exposed


NOM Exposed has learned that the National Organization For Marriage has purchased (at least) four domain names all built around the idea that some gay people are against marriage equality. The obvious intention is to stir up yet more intra-human division, a notion that has come to define the National Organization For Marriage in 2012.

Supreme Court will tackle same-sex marriage


I’m so cynical at this point that this doesn’t really make me happy – a) it’s yet again another delay for all those people who have been waiting years to get married; b) if they do uphold the lower courts they will probably write the opinion so narrowly that it isn’t worthy of a national court; c) another stage for the odious bigots to spew on. This could well be the next Brown v Board of Education, but I don’t see the Court as wanting to be that bold.