Just As I Thought

Einstein Was Right

It just occured to me that if I continue waking and sleeping on Eastern Daylight Time – I still haven’t adjusted to the end of Daylight Savings Time – I will be waking at 3:30am and falling asleep at 8:00pm in Phoenix. That would be inconvenient. Frankly, I would be living in the future, in another continuum of sorts.
I once calculated that my friend Eric, who lives about 15 miles west of me, is living slightly in the past. Not because he never pays attention to the news, or forgets to do the slightest thing that people remind him to do, but because he is sufficiently far away from me that his clocks really should be set a second after mine. If I could travel to his house at the speed of light, I would be a second younger than him, and when I came home, time would barely pass at all for me, but my dog would be shocked to find he was 2 seconds older.
My brain has a very odd way of thinking – heavy physics and temporal theory one moment, puerile sex and couch potato channel surfing the next.

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