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Arizona Point of Pride

As I sit here in the hotel looking out the window, I am struck by how this city has a sort of civic pride that I am not used to. In downtown Phoenix, there is a definite identity system at work, with coordinated signage, landscaping, and these cool, Frank Lloyd Wright street lamps. All the trees lining the streets have lights embedded in the sidewalks, and at night the trees are softly lit. This downtown spot around the convention center is clean and neat, and shows a kind of pride that we don’t have in DC. Everything in downtown Washington is haphazard, there is no sense of pride in the place, the best they could do is some banners on poles every so often, promoting who knows what. Washington has some grand buildings, open spaces, and monuments, but there is nothing to really make tourists feel at ease and figure out where they are. Recently, the city began posting wayfinder signs, which are not much help at all. Just a sign listing attractions and arrows. Here, there are kiosks on the corners with complete area maps.
And palm trees, lit from beneath.

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