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Viva Las Vegas

I’m off to Las Vegas tomorrow at 3am (ugh) for my first EVER vacation BY MYSELF. Thank goodness, I’m finally a grown-up. My friend Jaime, who was to go with me, sadly had a death in her family this morning. So, providence has forced me to do something by myself, something I never do. My brother advises that I should go and be someone else, since no one there has ever seen me and never will again. I’m just not secure enough in who I am to try to be someone else.
I’ve been reading up on Las Vegas today, and I have to admit that I am a bit wary of the whole thing – I have never been there, never been gambling (other than a poker machine on a riverboat once), and am not a high roller or a savvy person. I’m worried about if I am going to tip the right people the right amount at the right time, if I will have any clue how casinos work, and that sort of thing. I’m also concerned that I will look like some kind of yokel, staring up at them thar big tall buildings.
I often feel like that because I have lived my entire life in Washington, DC, which has a 12 story height restriction on buildings. I remember once going to the Bank of America building in San Francisco and being bewildered by the fact that you take different elevators to get to the top of the building. Weird.
So, if you’re from Las Vegas, are a cute single gay male, and see me craning my neck on the street to look up at the buildings, say hello. I’ll probably be kind of lonely.

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