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I hit the Motherlode

My camera was out of juice, or mojo, or pixie dust earlier this week, so I didn’t post this until now — let me introduce you to the very first copy of “Motherlode!”

Yes, it has finally arrived, the fantastic double album by my friend Sara, the first album I’ve ever had an executive producer credit on, and the subject of a growing controversy over “explicit” cover art.

I may have mentioned this, that the cover art was rejected for retail use; so at the last minute I did some Photoshopping and covered up the bare breasts. Still, that wasn’t enough as at least one television station refused to show the final retail cover on the air. (Read about it over on Sara’s blog.) So, I created a third cover just for those TV directors and newspaper editors with a weak stomach. Amazing — they have no qualms about showing murder, violence, gore and mayhem, but two people in love is too much.

This Friday, I’ll be off to Austin for the big release party — if you’re in the area, stop by Ruta Maya International Headquarters in Austin for a fantastic time!

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